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Produced by Erik Rutan
Recorded at Warehouse Studios, Tampa, FL, June 1997

Hate Eternal Promo '97 :
1. Messiah of Rage
2. Sacrilege of Hate
3. Saturated in Dejection

Alas Engulfed In Grief :
1. Surmounting the Masses
2. Quest of Serenity
3. Silencing the Sorrow
4. Rejection of What you Perceive

Conquering The Throne
Wick 06 Cd

Released Date :
4th October 1999
Produced by Erik Rutan
Engineered & Mixed by Wes Garren and Erik Rutan
Recorded & Mixed at Greenhouse FX Studios in Tampa, Florida, between February / May 1999

Tracks :
1. Praise of the Almighty
2. Dogma Condemned
3. Catacombs
4. Nailed to Obscurity
5. By His Own Decree
6. The Creed of the Chaotic Divinity
7. Dethroned
8. Sacrilege of Hate
9. Spiritual Holocaust
10. Darkness by Oath
11. Saturated in Dejection

King Of All Kings
Mosh 260 Cd
Released Date :
September 17 (US)
September 23 (Europe)
Produced, engineered and mixed by Erik Rutan
Recorded and mixed at Mana Recording Studios, Tampa, Florida, in March 2002

Tracks :
1. Our Beckoning
2. King Of All Kings
3. The Obscure Terror
4. Servants Of The Gods
5. Beyond Redemption
6. Born By Fire
7. Chants In Declaration
8. Rising Legions of Black
9. In Spirit (The Power Of Mana)
10. Powers That Be

I, Monarch
Mosh 286 Cd
Released Date :
June 27 (Europe)
June 28 (US)
Produced by Erik Rutan.
Recorded and mixed at Mana Recording Studios, Tampa, Florida, during the five hurricanes of summer/fall 2004.
Engineered by Erik Rutan and Shawn Ohtani.
Drums engineered by Derek Roddy.
Mixed by Erik Rutan.

Tracks :
1. Two Demons
2. Behold Judas
3. The Victorious Reign
4. To Know our Enemies
5. I, Monarch
6. Path to the Eternal Gods
7. The Plague of Humanity
8. It is our Will
9. Sons of Darkness
10. Faceless One

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