Hate Eternal

To challenge the perceived limitations and forge new boundaries is a goal aimed at by many yet reached by a select few. Guitarist Erik Rutan has created an impressive career by attaining that goal consistently for well over a decade -- from his legendary work in Ripping Corpse to his ongoing role in Morbid Angel. In 1999, Earache/ Wicked World proudly presented Rutan's newest assemblage of Death Metal unstoppability : Hate Eternal.

Hate Eternal was born from Rutan's ongoing quest to push the envelope of uncompromising Death Metal. Having spent the majority of his career solely as a guitarist and songwriter, he felt the need to step up to the mic with his brutal vocals and mobilize an outfit that would truly represent his own ideas. The goal was to create a massive force of devastating Death Metal with musicianship that was untouchable.
With undeniable aggression, premier musicianship and Erik's vicious lyrical firestorm, Hate Eternal's debut 'Conquering the Throne' was the high-water mark for death metal in 1999. Musically, the album is an all-out precision assault, an album of sheer Death Metal mastery, a supreme force to be reckoned with forevermore.

In the years since the release of 'Conquering the Throne', Rutan has divided his time between three bands and his new career as a producer in his own studio, Mana Recording Studio (formerly Dimensional Sound). Yet despite his busy schedule, Hate Eternal has remained a top priority for Rutan. It is with Hate Eternal that Rutan is fully able to spread his wings as a songwriter, lyricist, singer, guitarist, and producer. Since 1999, Rutan has made time to tour with Hate Eternal with such bands as Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem, Nile, and Arch Enemy.

Hate Eternal is Rutan's baby, but it is not a solo project. Hate Eternal is a band, whose three members are each crucial and indispensible. After a few personnel changes, Hate Eternal is now set with its strongest line-up ever, a triad of utter Death Metal mastery. Accompanying Rutan are bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson and drummer Derek Roddy, who has lent his inhuman blasting skills to such bands as Nile, Malevolent Creation, and Council of the Fallen.

Hate Eternal is about to unleash its masterpiece on the world. September 2002 will see the release of Hate Eternal second album, "King Of All Kings" -- an album which sees the full realization of Hate Eternal's potential. Rutan has made this statement about "King Of All Kings":

"The material on this album can be described in one word: Evil. Anyone who liked our first effort will love this album as well. It is still Hate Eternal Brutal Death Metal but I feel this album is more diverse yet still true to what we are all about. The title 'King Of All Kings' is a continuation of 'Conquering the Throne' and is a testament to self will and the desire to achieve greatness. We have and always will have the goal to be one of the best Death Metal bands of all time and that is something we don't take lightly. Some people thought Hate Eternal was a one time wonder side project. Quite the contrary. We are a massive force that will not stop recording or touring for the sake of keeping Death Metal alive and fresh. Jared, Derek, and I are 110% committed to continuing the path we have set forth for ourselves, so 'Surprise, surprise!' we're back and here to stay

Hate Eternal Discography

Promo Demo 1997 / Conquering The Throne (1999) / King of all Kings (2002) / I, Monarch (2005)