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The Bootlegs I gathered here are the oldest and most famous ones!!!
You won't find here all home-made bootlegs done with a cdr...

Demo 1989
DEMO 1989 :
Tape recorded at New-York in 1989.

Tracklist :
1. A Skull Full Of Maggots
2. The Undead Will Feast
3. Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
4. Put Them To Death
5. Bloody Chunks

Born In A Casket
This Vinyl contains on side A (1-6) a concert recorded in Toronto, Ontario 14/12/1990 and on side B (7-11) the "Cannibal Corpse Demo 1989".

Tracklist :
Live :
1. Born in a Casket
2. Shredded Humans
3. Put them to Death
4. Buried in the Backyard
5. Rotting Head
6. Inner Decay

Demo 1989 :
7. A Skull of Maggots
8. The Undead Will Feast
9. Scatterd Remains
10. Put them to Death
11. Bloody Chunks

Dead Forever
This Cd contains a concert recorded in Köln, Germany 20/12/1991.
Suffocation demo "Reincremation" has been added in latest editions.

Tracklist :
Cannibal Corpse Live :
1. Meat Hook Sodomy
2. Put them to Death
3. Covered with Sores
4. Edible Autopsy
5. Living Dissection
6. Shredded Humans
7. A Skull Full of Maggots

SUFFOCATION : "Reincremation" Demo :
8. Reincremated
9. Human Waste
10. Involuntary Slaughter
11. Reincremation

Meat Hook Sodomy

Meat Hook Sodomy
This Cd contains a concert recorded in Tiburg, Holland 18/10/1992.

Tracklist :
1. Buried In The Backyard
2. Vomit The Soul
3. Put Them To Death
4. Hammer Smashed Face
5. The Cryptic Stench
6. Meat Hook Sodomy
7. Edible Autopsy
8. Entrails Rippped From A Virgin's Cunt
9. Shredded Humans
10. I Cum Blood
11. Covered With Sores
12. Innards Decay
13. Addicted To Vaginal Skin
14. A Skull Full Of Maggots

Created To Kill

Created To Kill Second Edition
This Cd contains rough-mixed "Created To Kill" album (recorded during the "Vile" studio sessions) featuring Chris Barnes on lead vocals. Note that there is no guitar-solo on those versions.
The second edition contains bonus covers * already released on "Hammer Smashed Face" Ep and "Live Cannibalism" German edition.

Tracklist :
1. To Kill Myself ("Eaten From Inside")
2. Bloodlands
3. Created To Kill ("Orgasm Through Torture")
4. Mummified In Barbed Wire
5. Unburied ("Disfigured")

6. Exorcist (Possessed) *
7. Zero the Hero (Black Sabbath) *
8. Sacrifice (Sacrifice) *
9. Confessions (Possessed) *

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